My First Collaboration!

Hello! fellow bloggers, readers and friends! Hope you all are doing fine! I completed my semester this week!🥳 , which is why I couldn’t post lately!

Today, I’ll be telling you about my first Art Collaboration! ✨

Last week, one of the Amazing Mandala and Mural Artists, I follow on Instagram, called out to other Mandala Artists for a joint collaboration.

I messaged her , and got a reply and was added to a group with 32 talented artists! The theme of the collaboration was announced as ” Butterflies🦋 ” .

We had a span of 10 days to work on it. I was very excited as, the host was one Artist whose work I admired a lot. I set to work after my semester got over and sent it to her.

Through the group, created we were able to talk to, budding artists all over India and support each other😊. Another thing that happened was the host followed every one of us back!. ✨

The collab was posted today , and it was so much fun and interesting. This was a good thing that happened to me last week and I wanted to share it with you guys!

That’s all for today guys. Thank you for reading and stay tuned for the next post!

My Collab Work!

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